Why Mayor Pete?

Mayor Pete Buttigieg is the first viable LGBTQ candidate for president of the United States – a historic moment for our community and a milestone in American politics.

It is transformative to have Mayor Pete in this presidential race because:

  • His presence forces presidential contenders seeking LGBTQ primary voters to be well-versed and outspoken on theissues impacting our community.
  • He is speaking in small-town restaurants in Iowa, rallies in New Hampshire and on the presidential debate stage – reaching Americans from all walks of life and changing hearts and minds along the way.
  • He is inspiring and giving hope to LGBTQ youth who are still coming to terms with who they are.

But Victory Fund did not endorse Mayor Pete because of his historic candidacy alone. Mayor Pete has the experience, record of service, and vision that is required to not only lead this nation – but also to defeat Donald Trump at the ballot box.

  • Over the past seven years, Mayor Pete transformed South Bend from a ‘dying city’ into a thriving economic hub. He leads hundreds of employees who provide enormously diverse functions – ensuring garbage is collected, traffic lights are working, and civil rights laws enforced.
  • He joined the military in a time of war, risking his life to protect our country.
  • And he speaks with an openness – a forthrightness – that is sorely missing from American politics.


Recent polls show Americans are ready to elect a gay president. In June 2019, Bospar PR released a survey showing 69 percent of Americans would vote for a gay president.

Mayor Pete is the voice of general change and is the clearest contrast to Donald Trump. He is the antithesis to Trump: a millennial concerned about the long-term future of the country and one who aims to unite, not divide.

He has more government experience than Trump and more military experience than any president since George H.W. Bush. While Mayor Pete doesn’t have a background typical of presidential contenders, this is an atypical moment in American politics and we cannot afford for a transformative figure to “wait in line.” We are in great turmoil as a country and the riskiest thing we can do is try more of the same.

About LGBTQ Victory Fund 

Victory Fund is the only national organization that works to elect openly LGBTQ candidates at every level of government – and has helped hundreds of candidates win since 1991.  We were thrilled to support his campaign re-election in 2015. Now, we're the first national organization to endorse Mayor Pete Buttigieg for President.